Show Recap: Desires, Boundaries, Debt & Evolution

September 30, 2011


On Tuesday Ali shared the next agreement that’s coming into focus for her & Craig in their relationship.

In the process, she let the cat out of the bag – not only is this a non-traditional relationship from the standpoint of marriage (they’re making a relationship pact instead), but from the standpoint of monogamy. The word they prefer is ‘monogamish.’ And it brings up a lot of stuff – not only for each of them, but for many viewers, as well.

Relationship Commitment #2: Fully Owning Desires & Boundaries

Are you willing and able to own all your desires with your partner, and invite them to own theirs?

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And if you want to hear more about healthy relationships and the agreement making process, check out this 2-min clip

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In the Money Hour, Ali coached a woman to shift her focus from making a lot of money, to living a life worthwhile. She talked more about her debt, and answered a viewer who asked:
“I am a huge fan of Alexis as a business woman, but I am a bit concerned about the things she is revealing through The Whole Truth Show and her blog.  I totally support her transformation and admire her bravery in opening up about personal things.  I am wondering how her financial issues will affect FWPI, if at all, though.  Are any of the problems associated with it, or just her other businesses?”
If you want to see more than the basic highlight reel, check out these segments.


Other highlights this week include:

Ali’s most recent blog post, where you can get even deeper insights into her process:

And her Smart Tip video of the week: Invest in Yourself!


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Alexis I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably inspiring you are to me and how your raw authenticity has helped me to burst through some major walls that i have not been able to break down. you are an amazing human being with a strong and commendable spirit. Many blessings on you. ~Amanda

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ppps – Ali’s blog is really takin off with a whole new energy. Here’s a glimpse, in case you aren’t following her there:

Today, I am touching some of that darkness.  I feel a bit heavy and flat.  My chest feels constricted and tight.  My mind is spinning stories of unworthiness, shame, guilt and fear.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at me and I haven’t even spoken of it to anyone else today, not even Craig.  But, I can feel it inside of me.  And instead of recoiling from it as I have done in the past, I am sharing it here with you.

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