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November 11, 2011

The Love Hour

What is Healthy Attachment vs. Co-dependency?

Jennifer (who you might remember from the post-Burning Man Show), and her new love Christian, joined Ali this week to talk about their practice of Building Healthy Attachment. It’s something Ali & Craig find challenging since they live 2000 miles apart.

After Jennifer shared this practice with them they immediately knew it was the next agreement they would add to their Relationship P.A.C.T.

You can see the entire 26-min segment here where they explore questions like:

  • What are the causes & conditions for us to relax into the knowing that the other person is here – with us & for us – even when they’re not here with us?
  • Is it okay to want to be together all the time?
  • What are the benefits of practicing healthy attachment?
  • How do you know when the LOVE for each other is greater than the NEED for each other?

Ali also discussed an article from Beams & Struts (Integral) online magazine entitled: Envisioning Young Women’s Leadership in the 21st Century: A Call to Revolution Written by Vanessa Fisher. You can see the clip and read the article here.

During Kaia’s 12th birthday party at the farm, Ali brought some of the community building practices to the tween girls and helped heal a rift between two girls who haven’t been friends for two years. Can you remember 6th grade? Don’t you wish you had someone like Ali to help teach the tools of authentic communication to you back then? (Would have saved a lot of heartache!)

The upshot of the Love Hour this week is: Healthy Attachment comes from within

The Money Hour

Ali’s got a partner!

She & Rachel are off to the races with 3-month trial to feel into their ‘fit’ and put together a solid agreement they both can feel great about. Ali’s advice (after years of fumbling around to figure this out) is:

Make partnership agreements as good for the other as they are for you – best way to ensure success.

You can learn more about Rachel on her website and facebook page. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the developments she puts into motion at Eyes Wide Open Life, Money Map & LIFT.

Ali also talked about the fact that it’s more important that your work gets out in the world than that your sites look pretty. She had a real hard lesson in this after paying a web designer tens of thousands of dollars to make her websites pretty, and then watched a JV partner launch a hideous webinar that outsold anything the pretty designer could generate. As Dan Kennedy (highest paid copywriter around) taught Ali & Craig: Ugly Copy Sells… same with websites. #lessonlearned

Along those lines, Ali & Craig spent last week in Boulder at the last ever Integral Incubator. They are cooking up something powerful that will ‘democratize’ internet marketing and your ability to get your Great Work out into the world without investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars learning internet marketing, web development or traffic generation.

It’s still in the ethers, but you can get a glimpse of Ali presenting it to the Incubatees here. (There’s also a link to become a beta tester if you’re champing at the bit to get your Great Work off the ground!)

Ali’s blog post tells more details about her experience at the Incubator & tips that she’s compiled while entering into the partnership with Rachel.

The upshot of the Money Hour: Just get your stuff out there, make compelling offers, make sure you can deliver. That’s the recipe for success.

ps – here’s a killer article written by Darren Rowe on ProBlogger about Getting An Instant Yes


In other news…

Check out the replay of Ali’s interview with Laura Roeder on Creating Fame in your business.

Read her blog post about the early death of internet mompreneur Denai Vaughn and the importance of leaving a legacy for your children in more than just money, but in memories… ideally captured in multi-media.

Ali came out with a great video for her attorney business that you’ll really appreciate

Let her know what you think!

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