Show Recap: Transparency, Consumerism, Mercury & Aspartame

November 25, 2011

The Love Hour

What judgments are you withholding in your relationships?

The withhold is, no doubt, creating tension and separation – not only in the relationship, but in your own psyche.

It’s scary to own our judgments – mostly because were afraid to feel the impact of our truth when it lands with those we care about. If they feel hurt, or triggered, then we have to experience that pain or anger with them as we stay in relationship.

At the same time, are we truly in authentic relationship if we hold back any part of our truth? Are we fully trusting, loving and relating if we withhold our judgments out of fear of how it will make US feel?

In Ali & Craig’s relationship, clearing these clouds and getting through the emotional recoil actually left them feeling more connected than ever. And Craig was able to own that his judgments were actually rooted in fear of intimacy, and unconsciously pushed Ali away. The more he withheld, the more negative judgments he attracted in his mind, the more they snowballed, and the less connected he felt, and the cycle just continued…

So this week, they added Practicing Total Transparency to their Relationship P.A.C.T.

Ultimately, our judgments are self-judgments, and the gift of owning our withholds is that we get to look at what it is about ourselves that we hide, repress or deny by projecting them onto others. When we come back into our own hearts and own what we vilify others for, we reclaim our power, reconnect with our loved ones, and ultimately expand our light into the shadows.

The upshot of the Love Hour this week is: Be totally transparent with yourself, and others – get really clear about what you feel, find a way to communicate it to others, and release it in order to grow.

The Money Hour

We’re heading into the last stretch of 2011. Do you have all your financials in order? If you haven’t met with your CPA yet, it’s getting close to the wire. If aren’t sure why you need to meet with your CPA, you might want to get your hands on Ali’s LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit The kit is normally $1697, but Ali’s new partner Rachel is offering it at $997 while she gets the new back-end systems set up – just email her at and ask for it!

Just finished legal part 1 of LIFT – loved it. Already learned enough to avoid some mistakes. So glad for this!


In this Money Hour, Ali talks about how each of us can tap into our unique value, and trade it in the marketplace to get along in the world. Many of us have become ensnared in a system dominated by ‘crony capitalism’ that extracts our value, and enslaves us to the benefit of a very small few who are able to dominate our government and marketplace.

Ali’s Black Friday blog post goes into more detail about the shift from consumer culture to creative/collaborative culture. You can see her interview with Robert MacNaughton about Kosmic Creativity here.

Since the Integral Incubator workshop, Ali is really excited about the potential for to be part of the solution.

If you want to see what she and Craig did to move the project forward at Startup Weekend Orange County, check out their two pitches (one to gather a team, and one to practice pitching investors – which is Ali at her ‘finest’) and Ali’s reflections after the weekend.

Their next ‘horizon line’ is to roll out a beta version at this year’s Integral Spiritual Experience. They’d LOVE to see you there, along with 400+ of the most brilliant evolutionaries on the planet. Save $100 when you join them using the code Evolutionary.

The upshot of the Money Hour: Make your own economy – tap into the system that exists right now, and be a part of building the next system of exchange that opens us up to a truly creative, collaborative economy.


In other news…

Do you have silver/mercury fillings in your mouth? Craig just spent two days in the chair with their friend, and wholistic dentist, Lori Cardellino. Watch her talk about the importance of getting all the mercury out of your teeth, and doing it PROPERLY.

While on the subject of health – did you know that Aspartame is now being called Amino Sweet?

It’s just as lethal and a really, really bad idea to consume. Avoid it in over 9000 ‘food’ products!

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