Show Recap: Loving Both Sides, Lies & The Devil

December 9, 2011

The Love & Community Hour

Which dog are you feeding?

There’s a lot to be afraid of in this world. The #Occupy movement is calling the shadowy plans of the global elite into the spotlight. As anything in life, it’s less about what’s being done to us, than how we respond to it.

There’s an old Native American story where an elder described his inner struggles:

“Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time.” When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, “The one I feed the most.”

That’s how Craig is processing his (past lives?) fear of FEMA camps and Martial Law, hippie conspiracy theories, etc… He talks about some of the things going on, but ultimately brings them back to his own subconscious shadow work.

In the movie Thrive and in the work of Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love), there’s this idea that ‘the fear’ in us is a parasite that will literally kill us to grow larger.

Check out Craig’s new blog post Owning My Shadow On a Global Scale if you are interested in how he is holding the paradox of ‘both dogs’ – not denying the atrocities of greed in this world, nor the luminous matrix of light we are all embedded in, but holding them both together and owning how they live in him, in order to awaken to a deeper level of Truth.

Last week, Ali & Craig added Daily Practice to their Relationship P.A.C.T– they were driving over the pass from Utah to Colorado, so they decided to activate Agreement #3 – Put The Kids First, and chose to skip The Show.

So, in this week’s PACT segment, Craig ran down the agreements so far, and how they have helped him and Ali to grow. At the end he gets very real, and shares how his relationship with Ali has helped him activate parts that he needs to work on, and wouldn’t otherwise see.

The upshot of the Love Hour this week is: Love both dogs… they’re both part of you!

The Money Hour

We’re heading into the last stretch of 2011. Do you have all your financials in order? If you haven’t met with your CPA yet, it’s getting close to the wire. If aren’t sure why you need to meet with your CPA, you might want to get your hands on Ali’s LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit The kit is normally $1697, but Ali’s new partner Rachel is offering it at $997 while she gets the new back-end systems set up – just email her at and ask for it!

Just finished legal part 1 of LIFT – loved it. Already learned enough to avoid some mistakes. So glad for this!


In this Money Hour, Craig talks his relationship with money, and walks everyone through a really cool set of exercises that help you get in touch with your Money Honey and Money Monster – as Morgana Rae calls them. It’s a lot of fun, and well worth trying!


Think about it – if you have a relationship with someone and all you tell the is, “You suck, I hate you, my life would be perfect if I never had to deal with you…” What do you think that person would do? They’d leave!


Morgana teaches how to have a great relationship with money, and you can get a little taste of how just a couple conversations with her has totally transformed Craig’s whole paradigm! (If you reach out to work with her, be sure to mention Craig sent you!)

Craig also shared a wonderful old tale called The Myth of The Handless Maiden (the video didn’t record in sync, so our editor just pasted a picture of Craig on there.) The story is wonderfully telling about the deal with the Devil our society made back in the 12th century that sold out our ability to FEEL in favor of productivity & riches.

During the segment, Craig also shares how this myth has informed his relationship with Ali, and how she’s sloooowed down in order to get more in touch with the Maiden in her own soul.

The upshot of the Money Hour: Get quiet, listen to the deeper knowing inside of you, and follow that voice – not the hyped up marketing scam of instant riches and money for nothing.


In other news…

Ali had a great mastermind in Dallas. She is planning to hire a director of operations for the law business. If you have experience and references, simply reply to this email with a letter of interest.

She wrote her own blog post about facing The Terror Within

An check out her latest Smart Tip Video: Is Business Taking Over Your Life?

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-Craig, Ali & The Whole Truth Team

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Ari Ellis December 13, 2011 at 5:39 am

excellent weaving of thoughts and perspectives, craig.


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