Show Recap: God, Fear & The P.A.C.T.

December 19, 2011


The Love & Community Hour

How’s your relationship with God?

Ali grew up with the message, “God is for stupid people… you’re too smart for that.” It left her stranded in an intellectual void where she often feels alone, afraid, and desiring the connection that only our inner Divinity can provide.

During a recent Journey, she faced this fear directly, and learned that there really is nothing to be afraid of. That breathing is the solution to all the fears that come up in her. Breathe in… breathe out… relax the body…

Everything she is afraid of is just a construct of her own mind. Can you relate?

Craig also had a revelation during a recent Journey. Check out his latest creation that captures the essence of his new position on the Occupy Movement in a modern re-vision of a classic depiction of Buddha’s realization. Buddhanonymous

So, where are they at with their Relationship P.A.C.T.? Ali planted the seed for it over the Summer Solstice adventure in Toronto. It sprouted during their Fall Equinox adventure in Ithaca. And Craig has held the intention that they add one agreement every week or so on The Show until the Winter Solstice, at which point they will seal the deal and make their Publicly Acknowledged Commitment to Truth until Summer Solstice 2012, when they will step back and re-evaluate, and see what wants to happen from there.

If you have any objections, revisions, assertions or inclusions, speak Tuesday, or forever hold your peace! (Or at least until the Summer Solstice 😉

Finally, Ali is really excited about The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk. It’s set later in this century and portrays a split between those who want to hoard and control everything vs. those who want to allocate our resources so there is plenty for everyone.

There may come a time where we have to make the most of the resources available to us… Can we get beyond our fears to come together and create a community that allows us to live, love & work together in a way that maximizes our resources for everyone?

The upshot of the Love Hour this week is: One of the signs of a truly enlightened mind is the ability to hold the paradox of two opposing thoughts, simultaneously. 


The Money Hour

We’re heading into the last stretch of 2011. Do you have all your financials in order? If you haven’t met with your CPA yet, it’s getting close to the wire. If aren’t sure why you need to meet with your CPA, you might want to get your hands on Ali’s LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit The kit is normally $1697, but Ali’s new partner Rachel is offering it at $997 while she gets the new back-end systems set up – just email her at and ask for it! This special pricing goes away in January!!

Just finished legal part 1 of LIFT – loved it. Already learned enough to avoid some mistakes. So glad for this!

Last week, while Craig hosted The Show, Ali was in a Mastermind with Kym & Sandra Yancey of the eWomenNetwork. Here’s what she took away from the meeting:

1.) The LIFT program is amazingly transformational

2.) She is selling herself & her programs short by not having a full-time director of operations in the lawyer biz… and that she’s deathly afraid of hiring that person because of all the failures she’s experienced in past hiring decisions.

The update on her partnership with Rachel is that it didn’t work out…

The beauty in this turn of events is that it helped Ali see the new paradigm truth that living our lives from a place of obligation & stress is not a strategy for success.  Personal responsibility – which comes from a place of Sovereignty – is totally different than obligation – which come from a place of oppression.

Are your past mistakes keeping you from moving forward? Where?

Can you see that story for what it is – a story – and recognize that the mistakes you’ve made are the keys to your growth & evolution. The only way you can grow from those mistakes is by diving back in and giving it another try with the new information you’ve learned from your experience, reading, masterminding & coaching, and just new ideas that arise naturally after receiving feedback from going for it in the first place!

The upshot of the Money Hour: The mistakes you’ve made are the keys to your growth & evolution. When you come from a place of Sovereignty, you are more empowered to make better choices moving forward.


In other news…

Ali had a great mastermind in Dallas. She is planning to hire a director of operations for the law business. If you have experience and references, simply reply to this email with a letter of interest.

Read Ali’s blog post about facing The Terror Within

Here’s the latest on – really exciting stuff, just around the corner!

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