Ali’s 5 Controversial Money Lessons

October 21, 2011

Evolution is a process of awakening by progressively figuring out what doesn’t work until the next clear step becomes apparent. This excerpt is Ali’s current stance on money & credit. It could change in response to changing social & economic trends, but the spiritual and business principles here are sound, and make a great starting place, for now.


1.) Take the least or give the most you can… in divorce or any business negotiation.

2.) Apply for as much credit as you can get… in your name, and business name.

3.) Buy a house & finance a car, use credit to invest in building your business.

4.) Pay in full (or more than min.) for as long as you can… then as you need more breathing room drop down to minimum payments.

5.) If you’ve already compromised your credit score and are struggling to make your payments, stop making your payments.  Take a breather. Relax and see what happens.


  • Anonymous

    Hi all, thanks for checking out my controversial money tips and considering whether they apply to you before you dismiss them outright. I want to add one thing:

    While you are still in the acquiring credit phase of this plan, keep your debt to available credit ratio below 30% for as long as you still need your credit score to be good.

    But, remember, you are not your credit score — it’s a tool to be used by you, not to measure your value or worth.

  • Lisa Hines

    HI Ali, The deal about keeping your debt balance below 30% works fine UNTIL the banks lower your available balances to the amount of credit you’ve taken. Then, you’re at 100% debt balance and your credit score tanks, and then you have no room to put on credit. I know this well. It happened to me. I had a beautiful score, plenty of available balance, plenty of income, always paid on time above the minimums, then the banks decided to move my balance for their reasons not related to me. Unfortunately, even though I’ve always paid on time, I have no access to credit anymore ;(

  • Lisa Hines

    I like your attitude about “who cares” about the debt!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, great point, thank you. When the banks make a unilateral decision to pull your credit without regard to your situation when you have been a great customer, it’s time to stop trying to protect your credit score. You aren’t going to get any more credit at that point. Now, it’s time to start thinking about taking a break from working like a mad woman to pay on all that debt. The bank has made it very difficult for you to do what’s necessary to keep investing in your business so you can pay back the debt so do not feel bad that you make the decision to stop paying for a while. You may not have access to credit, but you do have access to resources. Take the money you were investing in your payments and put it towards your business and invest it in something that will create a great ROI for your life and business. What would that be? How does that feel to you?

  • Lisa Hines

    Do you think the coaching industry is a covert pyramid/ponzi scheme?

  • Lisa Hines

    That’s a very interesting concept, Ali. It’s something I’m going to ponder and digest for awhile. The big Hmmmm. Thanks for a good excerpt today! Enjoy the weekend.

  • Erika Watson

    I Love Your Authenticity, Wisdom, and Heart! Rock On and Let the Rest just Roll away…

  • Mocha Aych

    That is so incredibly interesting Ali. Thank you for saying that. I’ve NEVER heard anyone put it quite like that. You are a smart woman! Very empowering – Great job!

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