Robert MacNaughton – Integral Spiritual Experience

November 23, 2011

Ali interviewed Robert Macnaughton from Integral Life about this year’s upcoming Integral Spiritual Experience.

ISE is an annual event in Monterrey, CA the last 4 days of the year. As we cross into 2012, hundreds of Integralists and Evolutionaries will gather to share in an array of practices, talks, and collaborative conversations about the future of humanity and our individual roles in expressing Spirit through our personal vehicles.

Craig & Ali will be there with their friends Robert, Clint Fuhs & Nicole Fegley, Jeff Salzman & Nomali Perrera of Integral Incubator, Decker Cunov of Authentic World, and a roster of amazing contributors and practitioners too long to list. (If you’d like to join them at $100 savings, use the code ‘evolutionary’ when you register)

This year’s theme is Kosmic Creativity – which, Robert & Ali agree, happens in every moment.

Perhaps you’re like Ali, who’s mom is an artist, and grew up thinking that unless you paint or play music, you’re not creative. The reality is – in everything we do, we’re actively creating our reality. We can be unconscious about that, or we can be conscious about it.

This year’s ISE is a chance to come together to discover & experience our unique flavor of creativity in community. Because, as Ali discovered when she delved into entrepreneurship: everybody is an artist – we are creating our lives moment to moment… As Robert points out,  the tricky thing is believing that we can actually have the lives we desire. That if we can dream it, we can create it. 

What kind of world would you create if you knew anything was possible?

We’ve reached a point in our individual & global evolution where it’s time to shift from a consumer culture to creator/contribution culture. Places like Burning Man, Grateful Dead Tour and smaller, more consciously focused tribal gatherings like ISE, are a place to share the spirit of creativity with other contributors and experience what a culture of creativity & collaborative Self expression is really like.

Those of us who take our role in global evolution seriously are learning to hold a higher standard of reality for ourselves and others. The Integral Spiritual Experience is a unique opportunity to be amongst hundreds of people who are committed to LIVING what’s possible as we shift our lives, together – and share in the creation of a new world that comes from this global, collective practice.

Robert rightly emphasizes the importance of attending ISE in a spirit of participation and interaction – it’s not about big-name teachers (though they’ll be there) – it’s really about waking up and showing up to make your unique contribution. Which is not that simple a thing to do – that’s where we need each other.

Many of us are waking up to new visions of what’s possible – and have been for a years, even decades. Finally, it’s time to gather. We can no longer sustain shouldering these ideas in isolation, trying to re-invent the wheel on our own.

We need to come together.

If this call speaks to you, and you’d like to attend this years Integral Spiritual Experience with Ali & Craig, register here, and use the code ‘evolutionary’ to save $100.

Read Ken Wilber’s personal invitation here: “Kosmic creativity opens you directly to the infinite, timeless, enlightened nature of each and every moment, bringing to each moment a radical newness, ever-freshness, and creative novelty, so that the entire Kosmos becomes a sacred, fresh, and radically transparent experience.”

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