Seeking a Conscious Copywriter

December 27, 2011

(Originally posted on oDesk 12/18/2011 – reposted here for our tribe!)

The Whole Truth Show is seeking a Conscious Copywriter for deeply personal, no-hype, weekly email & blog post campaign.

We do a weekly Livestream show and I’m tired of writing all the copy for emails & blog posts. Starting in 2012 we will be driving lots of affiliate sales by hosting affiliates as guests. We need someone who understands sales writing, WITHOUT HYPE, to craft weekly blog posts from edited video segments, and set up links in Infusionsoft.

Ali – – has made millions in direct-response info-marketing, and this is the next-generation campaign I’ve come up with to replace the old ‘massive launch & month to recover’ model. It’s time to be kind to our souls – yours included ;-]

This is an incredible opportunity for the right person, with potential commissions for performance!

Sound good?

Great. Now, before you apply:

1.) Make sure you’ve checked out to see if you resonate with our style & vision as outlined above (weekly affiliate guests)

2.) Understand: this is not a wham-bam gig – this is the beginning of a very profitable relationship we hope will endure for years.

We’re looking for the right person in a sea of hacks & whiners – if anyone has ever accused you of not taking 100% responsibility, falling short of the mark, doing the bare minimum, whining about ANYTHING, or being resistant to feedback… you need not apply.

  • We’re looking for a DOER, who sees an opportunity and makes it happen.
  • You are trustworthy, straight-forward, proactive, open-minded, heart-centered, compassionate & caring towards prospects, desire to make a positive impact on the world, understand a real opportunity & how to capitalize on it with copywriting & relationship building
  • You have the technical know-how to publish on a WordPress blog for optimal SEO (keywords, backlinks…) along with sending emails to promote the show (also via affiliate partners) and promote the affiliate offers via email & social media.
  • You work well without direction, and yet receive feedback gracefully, incorporate it quickly, and adapt easily to new demands as The Show grows.
  • You also speak your truth (this is KEY!) so that mis-understandings are brought to light quickly. Lastly, you have the integrity to find & train your replacement before you move on – for any reason.
  • There may be time on the phone with affiliates, which is a great networking opportunity. We expect you to have integrity, and put your commitment to The Show before other gigs they may present. If we connect you with opportunities, we expect a referral commission in kind, as you will be receiving commissions for performance once your writing pays off.


If you STILL feel like this is the right fit for you, and you know in your soul that ‘the money’ is just a bonus, but you’re doing this because it’s really the role you were born for… then please apply!

Nightmare scenario: The LAST thing we want is to find ourselves 6 weeks (or 6 months) down the road with you, only to find out your heart isn’t in it like you thought it was (because the opportunity sounded good) or that your life circumstances were better aligned with a wham-bam gig. Please consider whether you have the stamina and life circumstances to support you in a long-term, evolving relationship with us, The Show, it’s viewers & affiliates.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful, symbiotic relationship? Then, let’s get started!

Email your application to Ali (at) – see below for details.

(Please follow directions carefully – this is the whole application)

1.) Please tell us a little about yourself, and why you feel this is the perfect opportunity for you. You may want to check us out on facebook (both profiles are open – you don’t need to FR).

2.) Rewrite a “Recap” post from (meaning, find a post title that begins with “Show Recap:” watch the videos & re-write it in your own way as though it was your weekly assignment). This is your audition – show us what you got! Be an over-achiever. Do more than the minimum, and you’re gonna rise above the rest.

3.) Please provide a BRIEF description of your aptitude, background & reasons for your confidence in each of these areas:

1.) CONSCIOUS Direct-Response Copywriting in marketer’s voice
2.) Blog writing for SEO & analytics tracking
3.) Email marketing & response tracking
4.) Infusionsoft crm
5.) Failing forward – there will be a lot of feedback at first until you get the swing of the posts/emails: our ‘voice,’ content style & flow, technical work – links, etc… – and working from drafts/voice notes that provide the highly personal information for a weekly journal piece in each email. It will take a while to get the groove, but we’ll work with the right person.

Yeah, it’s a lot of work to apply… but we figure anyone who makes it through this will be SUPREMELY well qualified to be our copywriter.

Enjoy the process… if you don’t, it’s not a fit 😉

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