Show Recap: Sex, Debt & Empowered Action

October 7, 2011

Ali raised a few eyebrows this week with her Smart Tip Video encouraging everyone to have more sex for more money in your business. Even with criticism, she stands by it!


Ali also introduced Yusuke on the show. He’s the newest member of the Farm Community, and has been there for several weeks. Here’s a clip of him sharing his experience when he first got to the farm and joined the Sweat Lodge ceremony being hosted.

Ali & Craig also touched in on their next commitment. It’s a little vague what exactly this means, still, but it feels right…

Relationship Commitment #2: Putting the Kids First

It’s tricky. How do you navigate new relationships with kids involved, ex’s involved, out-of-state travel juggling, and businesses?

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What would happen if Ali stopped paying her debt? That’s something she’s coming to terms with, while also considering:


What would happen if we ALL stopped paying our debt??!! What if we stopped feeling ruled by the shame & fear?


Yes, it’s scary to consider the possibilities, but also exciting. What if, by consciously dissenting, we could ultimately arrive at a system far more durable and supportive of our souls’ evolution than the current system of… well… be sure you check out the video


Craig posted in the Group to learn more about debt, and the shadow in our monetary system – reposted on a thread with some lively discussion. Watch the video & join in!


“If we crash this system from a victim mentality, that’s how the next will start. Let’s end this system from a place of empowerment & inspired action. I’m not sure exactly what that looks like, but can’t we come together and figure it out?!”


Other Money Hour clips you may enjoy:



Other highlights this week include:

Ali is licensing her entire Eyes Wide Open Life company!

This is a huge opportunity for the right person to leverage everything I have created into their own business and get my strategic mind and sales ability on their business along with it. “

Read more about this incredible opportunity and apply if you’re serious about taking over her info products: Money Map to Freedom, LIFT & Eyes Wide Open Life monthly membership base.

And be sure you see Ali’s risque Smart Tip video of the week: More Sex = More Business Success


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See you then!

~The Whole Truth Team

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Alexis I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably inspiring you are to me and how your raw authenticity has helped me to burst through some major walls that i have not been able to break down. you are an amazing human being with a strong and commendable spirit. Many blessings on you. ~Amanda

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ppps – Ali’s blog is really takin off with a whole new energy. Here’s a glimpse, in case you aren’t following her there:

Today, I am touching some of that darkness.  I feel a bit heavy and flat.  My chest feels constricted and tight.  My mind is spinning stories of unworthiness, shame, guilt and fear.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at me and I haven’t even spoken of it to anyone else today, not even Craig.  But, I can feel it inside of me.  And instead of recoiling from it as I have done in the past, I am sharing it here with you.

read more…

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