XOXOX.biz at #SWOC (Startup Weekend OC)

November 20, 2011

The biggest frustration visionaries have is packaging & selling their work online.

The biggest frustration coaches have is a client’s failure to implement.

This weekend, Ali & Craig attended Startup Weekend Orange County at Chapman University. (pics)

It’s an amazing collaborative incubator where Entrepreneurs, Designers & Developers pack into a room for 54 hours and team up to launch a new business (almost exclusively tech-based) by Sunday night.

The weekend began with 63 pitches, and voting to determine whose ideas would be developed. XOXOX.biz got selected!

If you’re interested in being a Beta tester, please add your feedback to the Survey. Thanks to everyone who already responded – your input has been immensely helpful!

At the end of the weekend, everyone pitched their business to investors.

Ali & Craig were not going for the prizes, or funding as much as the experience of pitching, and taking a crack at developing XOXOX.biz into a beta-testable form.

Here’s the final ‘Investor Presentation’ video where Ali dazzles them with her classic Scorpio brilliance. (When in doubt… talk about orgasms!)

Ultimately, Ali & Craig learned a LOT, and had a blast. Their relationship expanded as they delved deeper into creative collaboration. And they tapped into an entirely different community of people – totally distinct from the marketing/consulting world they come from.

Here’s The Whole Truth Show recap and descriptions of some of the winners.











Check out the previous posts & videos about XOXOX.biz to follow the idea’s evolution.

Leave a comment if you’re a designer, developer or would just love to help!

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