Show Recap: Orgasmic Meditation, Entrepreneurship as an Evolutionary Path

February 7, 2012

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The Love Hour

Today we’re talking about Orgasmic Meditation. Orgasmic what?!

We know it as OMing, and soon you will too!

It teaches you how to experience orgasmic energy throughout your body, and then carry it into your whole life.

Imagine living your whole life turned on!

Ali’s been OMing lately in Boulder, and it’s bringing her very deep healing.

But what is this exactly? Watch to hear all the details!…

To get a taste of OM yourself, go to

Upshot of the Love Hour: Open to that which you’re resistant to, to discover what you really want.

The Money Hour

Just like Sex, Entrepreneurship is an Evolutionary Path.

Why? Because it brings up everything that we need to face and heal!

So many of us have been conditioned to live our lives from a place of survival and fear… and this monster rears its head in the details of your work.

Facing your deep wounds leads you to this truth: Your Great Work (the gifts only you can give) comes out of the very things you most need to heal. When you go through a dark place and your healing happens, it transforms into gifts you can offer.

Ali knows, she’s been through it!

Her message will inspire you…

Upshot of the Money Hour: Transforming your fears into courage reveals your greatest gifts to the world!


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