Show Recap: Long Distance Love, the P.A.C.T. and Sexy Creative Business!

February 14, 2012

The Love Hour

Ali and Craig were apart for over a month… find out what they did Saturday night when they got together again!

Also – as our regular viewers know, Ali and Craig have finally decided they’re MAKING THE P.A.C.T. (Click here to get the whole story on that.)

They recently realized that when things go wrong in the relationship, Ali goes to the extreme of “this isn’t working!” (An energy she often uses, which she acknowledges hurts both her business and love relationships). So that’s become a part of the P.A.C.T. energy as well – they’re both now making a commitment to working through things together, no matter what, for at least six months.

And they’ve chosen a date! This Friday, February 17th they’ll officially make the P.A.C.T. with their Boulder Integral community (so be sure to tune in next week to see how it went!)

The Money Hour

Ali gets juicy with Kim Cain… and they discover how being a sexy creative entrepreneur can mean monetizing multiple businesses (for those creative types who NEED diversity or they’ll compromise their spirit!)

Kim is a regular Whole Truth viewer and we’re so glad to have her as a guest on the show.

Watch their full call (click here) to learn more about Kim’s diverse talents, which range from writing her book Heaven (about God through the eyes of an exotic dancer), to being a rock star, to helping Leaders integrate Money, Spirit & Sex!


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