Talking About the P.A.C.T.

February 21, 2012

Ali was triggered again this week, and started wondering if her relationship with Craig is going to give her what she wants.

When they went to make the P.A.C.T. together at the Boulder Integral center, some of Craig’s mentors pointed out that the relationship container wasn’t yet solid enough to contain the potent alchemy of their commitments.

They both agreed that their relationship can be compared to a leaky rocket ship — and you don’t want to light a fire under that!

What’s clear is that they are both learning how to hold themselves first, and then open up, feel deeply and be vulnerable with each other.

There’s a reason this show is called the Whole Truth — in this clip, nothing is hidden and they get really bare about what’s coming up.

(Don’t worry — they ended up working through it and coming closer than ever!)


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